Has out society gone too far with beauty? The other day I saw a group of clearly beautiful middle-aged women who had taken it too far in my humble opinion. One had elastically surgery done recently, I’d guess it was Botox. What used to be a gorgeous woman, was now a odd looking woman with oversized lips and no sense of emotional expression. What a shame. But it did make me wonder whether our society had taken beauty too far?

Plastic Surgery

anti agingWhat I never understood is that people put themselves through intense pain and lots of risk to look younger. I would understand it more if the results were amazing, but most of the time, people undergoing plastic surgery just look worse. It looks fake. Whether it’s a face lift or Botox, it’s noticeable and just not that attractive. But women keep doing it, and I’d love to understand why. Is it just because the fear of aging? Is it that looking young but fake is better than look old? And what ever happened to aging gracefully? There’s plenty of middle aged women out there that look great.

Many women just stick to a night cream and a healthy lifestyle to ensure they stay looking beautiful and not too old. But there are plenty of alternatives to plastic surgery and out of curiosity, I did some research of these alternatives.

Alternative Beauty Treatments

Another shocking treatment that you can actually do at home is called derma rolling. You might not believe me when I tell you, but it involves rolling a device over your face which has thousands of needles on it. These needles effectively pierce your skin and intentionally damage the top layer of skin. This encourages your skin to repair itself and promotes better, healthier looking skin. It will be more elastic and hence make you look younger. As shocking as this might sound, according to quite a few online derma roller reviews, this a anti-aging treatment actually works. It still sounds crazy to me that anyone would put themselves through this, but users say it doesn’t hurt and that it hurts, so why not?

If derma rolling is too scary for you, then the next anti-aging treatment might be better for you. From my research into the best products to look younger, I also came across some of the  best vitamin c serum reviews. Apparently, according to these reviews, a serum consisting of mostly Vitamin C can actually make your skin look much younger. Incredible! Looking at some of the more recent scientific research on Vitamin C serums, this stuff actually appears to work.

So, while some of these treatments work and come highly recommended by people using them, it does prove my point though. Our obsession with looking younger has reached new heights. I’d love to hear your feedback on this.