We live in an absolute beautiful word. There are so many possibilities, but let’s face it, some of us squander the gift of life. Let’s not get too political straight away, but let’s get social first. According to the CDC, 34.9% of adults are obese. That’s over one-third! That’s crazy and completely changeable. But the government doesn’t do much to change it. If this doesn’t scare you enough, here’s another fact: “Over 17% of children and adolescents are obese”. That’s almost the majority of kids that are overweight.

health crisisDespite a total cost of $147 billion in the US alone. Imagine if those resources were spend on something worthwhile. Sure, some people have medical conditions which prevents them from losing the weight. But many are lazy, and do not make any real effort to stay a healthy weight. This is just one example of how our health system is broken. So to answer the question I started with. Are we in a health crisis? We certainly are!

Another major issue we encounter which gets no recognition is mental health. People are struggling from depression, anxiety and other mental conditions, which are not taken seriously. Sure, many of it might not be real. But plenty of people are truly suffering. Can’t we find a way to allocate resources to help people, instead of dismissing there issues? What’s more, if we used the resources to prevent such conditions, whether it’s mental health or obesity, we could really make a difference. Right now, we are focusing on issues when it’s too late. Let’s spend some of that money on preventing the issues that plague this nation.

There’s less serious issues as well. Take for example the summer. It’s one of the hottest summers this decade. But people literally don’t apply sunscreen. It’s insane! People get burned, despite everyone knowing that sunscreen is an essential part of going outside in the summer. But the government doesn’t reward this behavior, we just have to solve it ourselves. There are literally websites out there that explain how to use coconut oil for sunburn relief. Why can’t we solve other health issues in the same way? You caused the problem, you solve it.

In fact talking about this aforementioned website, wouldn’t it make sense to point people to http://naturesbestcures.com so that they can find natural solution to their problems. It would be better, cheaper and way more conductive to society than handing out money to people for things they brought on themselves.

While all this might sound harsh. We understand some people in society need help. We’re all for that. But lots of people are taking our society’s goodwill for granted and abusing this system which protects the less fortunate. So my advice, let’s become more self-sufficient. Let’s only help those who are helping themselves. Or those who need help and literally cannot do anything for themselves.