With the Brexit happening this week, the UK is in big trouble. As a country, Great Britain was promised the world upon leaving the European Union, but nothing has been received so far.

Brexit and the NHS

Take for example, Nigel Farage. This British politician has recently admitted that the claims he has made in respect of the NHS were a mistake. What a joke? This borders political fraud. This party has publicly declared to the UK public that a Brexit would result in increased government spending towards the NHS (the UK health service). This won’t happen. This is  a prime example of how deceitful government can be. Don’t believe us? Check this video out with an interview which exposed this fraud:

We literally don’t even have any words for this! But it doesn’t stop here.

Brexit Consequences For Health

Apart from the UK health service, many other services will be affected. Do you buy anything from outside of the UK as a British citizen? If so, being outside of the EU will mean that anything will be more expensive. If you buy medicine from outside of the UK, then apart from losing extra funding from the NHS, your medicine will become more expensive. We can’t believe so many people voted for Brexit, since leaving the UK is disastrous for the UK people.

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BREXIT-1Brexit General Consequences

Apart from health, other sectors will be impacted negatively. The pound has already crashed. The stock markets are suffering. If this isn’t bad enough, the property market is about to crash as well. It’s all going down, and independence isn’t what we were promised it would be. In fact, after all this, there is talk about staying in the EU. Whatever happens, the damage has already been done. Why did the UK population vote for such a disastrous leadership and why did they make such a bad choice in terms of the future of our country?