market crashUrgent action is required to stop a catastrophic collapse of the global economy according to some of the leading billionaire investors. Can you blame them? We’ve had a prolonged period of growth on the markets with no real substance. We’ve seen the stock markets boosted by printed money. Let me repeat that. The stock market isn’t going up because the economy is doing well, but it’s going up because governments are buying bonds and stocks to give the illusion that everything is OK. If that’s not bad enough, now we have a Brexit which can destabilize the entire European economy. There’s a good chance the growth of the last few years will be derailed soon, with the effect of an economic collapse much worse than the one we saw in 2008 due to the property crash.

So who’s the main billionaire who’s claiming that the end is near? Right now, billionaire investor George Soros claims that China and now the Brexit can both be disastrous to the stock market. Can you blame him? We agree hardheartedly with him, and we wish the government stop this incredibly ridiculous behavior of keeping interest rates artificially low. Here’s the personal view of the man himself:

This is scary! Don’t forget that George Soros made his fortune betting against the UK economy before. He might do it again.

He’s not alone either. Goldman Sachs, according to Forbes is claiming that the UK will enter a recession in 2017. We don’t think this will be limited to the UK, and global contagion is much more likely. Of course, following the news closely this week, there is a good chance Brexit won’t happen now. The British people have buyer’s remorse and as we said in our last article, they have been blatantly lied to by politicians. But even this won’t be enough to stop the inevitable crash we’ve been waiting for. The economy is not stable, the stock market is at a level that cannot be explained by facts. So a crash is coming. You need to prepare for this sooner than later. We don’t know when. We don’t know why. But we do know it will happen.